Revolutionizing Financial Services through Technology

As pioneers in fintech consultancy, we blend expertise in finance and technology to help businesses thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

About Company

Kocela is a Kenyan-owned FinTech company providing customer-focused payment solutions in the mobile space. Founded in 2013, Kocela has grown from a small startup to a household name in the FinTech space in Africa, having been crowned the Best Payments and Transfers Company in Africa for the year 2017.

We have vast experience in the design and development of FinTech solutions having developed and deployed solutions for a number of financial institutions, ranging from Banks, MFIs, insurance companies and other corporates. We pride ourselves in having served some of Kenya’s biggest institutions and impacted different sectors of Kenya’s economy: Media, Banking and Payments, Insurance.

Ours is a story of passion, stretching the limits and possibilities, and the desire to use technology to transform lives/ businesses, at a pan – African scale.



We’re on a visionary quest to accelerate Africa’s growth by providing a connected payment ecosystem for businesses {and people}



We're on a mission to use the power of technology and digital transformation to deliver value and convenience to customers and businesses.

Our Story

Our approach

A Customer - focussed approach

In today’s digital world, winning and retaining customers hinges on creating value for them that enhances the convenience and quality of their everyday lives.

At Kocela, we take a customer focussed approach, with the customer being at the heart of our product development. This places the highly nuanced customer needs at the forefront of the innovation process, leading to more relevant solutions.

By harnessing technology - ecosystems, APIs, analytics, machine learning - we are able to meet the customer at his/ her point of need as well as build for the future.